Hi!  I’m John Svazic, the host of Head In The Cloud. I’ve been in the IT field for just over 20 years now, with most of that time spent in software development.  I’ve worked in a bunch of different industries and in companies, ranging from small accounting startups to multinational handset providers!  I’ve held positions as a developer, team lead, technical lead, software architect, manager, “security guy” and for the past 4 years as the Chief Security Officer for a small startup that is completely cloud based.

I spent a few years at a SIEM vendor and helped oversee their migration from a software SIEM to an appliance offering, which is where my security training started.  From there I moved on to see the wide world of networks and networking products as they related to the mobile space, then moved on to a startup that decided that the cloud was the best place to get going.  Early on security was on the minds of the customers, and having a bit of a background I stepped up.

5 years later and I’ve been helping keep the cloud servers up-and-running, as secure as I can make them and constantly learning.  I’m on a mission to learn more and to share what I’ve learned along the way.  Come join me as I share stories, experiences and knowledge in this great new frontier of cloud computing and what it means from a security perspective.