Head In The Cloud
Security, DevOps, and Life In The Cloud

Welcome to the home of Head In The Cloud, your Cloud Security Podcast!

NOTE: As of August 13, 2017 the Head In The Cloud podcast is no longer making new episodes. Instead, head over to the new podcast, Purple Squad Security, for more InfoSec related content. The episodes of Head In The Cloud remain for archival purposes.

Head In The Cloud is a security-focused podcast on cloud security, aimed for the new IT/security professional or existing pros who are starting to wade into the cloud and wondering what all the fuss is about.

The podcast is a weekly discussion about cloud and security related topics and can range from the purely technical to some story telling by your host, John Svazic.

The podcast is intended for beginners, since like everyone in the field of security, John has a lot to learn, but there is a lot to share and a lot to talk about that nearly everyone will find something of interest.

Stop on by and listen in for a cast or two! Who knows, you may just like what you hear.