Head In The Cloud
Security, DevOps, and Life In The Cloud
Data Residency and Privacy with Ishay Tentser

I speak with Ishay Tentser, CEO of IniTech-Digital Products & Innovation, about Data Residency and Privacy.

Relationships and Soft Skills

Are you a security dictator or a respected colleague? Soft skills and relationship building are on the menu for this episode!

A high level overview of DevOps and Related Tools

In todays podcast I take a look at system provisioning and the tools your DevOps team may want to look into, and how these tools can help increase your security stance in the cloud!

Interview with Loïc Simon about Scout2

I interview Loïc Simon about Scout2, a great tool to help assess your security posturing on AWS!

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark – Sections 2-4

Completing our review of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, sections 2 through 4.

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark – Section 1

In this our second episode, we look at the first section of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and answer the question, what should you do first to lock down your cloud systems?

5 Cloud Security Misconceptions

Meet the host and hear about 5 common cloud security misconceptions and why you should ignore them.